In a bizarre twist on all the author-fakes-life-story-and-or-plagiarises scandals that have popped up recently, journalist and foreign correspondant Robert Fisk has recently suffered a different kind of forgery. According to this article, a biography of Saddam Hussein was published in Egypt, naming him as the author. But he’s never written a biography of Saddam Hussein.

In the article, Fisk recounts the trip he took to Cairo to try and track down whoever was selling this book under his name, and it struck me that he didn’t seem particularly angered by the appropriation of his name. Perhaps it was just the article (all the expletives were edited out?), but I know I would find it really difficult to deal with this if I was in his position. Especially this:

[The book] took a very lenient view of the brutality of Saddam, it didn’t seem to care much about the gassed civilians of Halabja – and it was full of the kind of purple passages which I loathe.

Imagine it. The thougth makes me shudder.

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