Mike Shatzkin, US expert on digital change, has written this article for Publisher’s Weekly that identifies the 15 trends he thinks will impact the most on the writing and publishing industry in the near future. Not reading trends – he’s not predicting a rise in the popularity of historical fiction, or novels about Hiroshima – but larger trends in the way books are produced and published, and the way they’re read.

Digital publishing seems to be the odds-on favourite, with the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader, and Apple’s upcoming foray into e-books readers as products to keep an eye on. He does talk a bit about the Borders v Barnes & Noble skirmish, suggesting the ways each chain might develop to take a bite out of the digital pie. Online marketing for books will naturally increase, in more and more experimental ways (Shatzkin mentions video trailers for books; if you haven’t seen one, click here). And Print-On-Demand could apparently save the hardback.

All in all, quite an interesting projection for the publishing industry, and lots of solid points to use in the argument against those killjoys who keep telling us the book is dead.

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